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Look Why You Should Inquire About Our FREE Account Executive Position!

You Could Get Our Marketing System For LIFE (Normally $29.97 per month)

Simply finding ONE client could turn into MANY clients with our Refer 3 and its Free Policy

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Look Why You Should Inquire About Our FREE Account Executive Position

Since 1999, Priceless Possibilities has helped over 148,000 businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage the Internet with our web site service. We recently developed a very unique feature that allows anyone using a Social Media website (or any website) to easily capture the contact information of prospects visiting those websites thereby building a Much Larger List.

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Clients can then follow up using features of our service through email, audio & video for maximum effectiveness & response. More Exposure = More Sales!

To gain online market penetration and spread our service very quickly, for the 1st time ever, we are allowing a limited # of people to get our Account Executive Positions for FREE (normally $497).

Important Facts For You To Consider:

You need to qualify for this offer - Due to fact that we've been able to easily sell the Account Executive position for $497 since August 2008, we are only willing to allow a Limited # of positions to be given away at no cost.

Therefore, we need to be selective as to who we allow to be given a FREE Account Executive position. We are looking for serious marketers with many contacts. We are willing to give away a Limited # of Account Executive Positions for FREE because we want to gain market exposure in the Social Media niche which is worth far more than the $497 we are foregoing by giving away this position.

What if I don't qualify? - If you do not qualify we will let you know and you can still take advantage of this incredible opportunity by investing the $497 to be an Account Executive for Life with No Fees Ever and also receive our valuable marketing system for Life with No Fees Ever (Normally $29.97 per month).

Your FREE Account Executive Position can be revoked - If you are not producing accounts to our satisfaction, we can revoke your position. We don't want to revoke your position, but we do only have a limited number of people we can waive our $497 fee to become an Account Executive. 

If we do choose to revoke your FREE Account Executive position, you will still be paid on those accounts ($8 per client per month on unlimited levels) you enrolled to that point AND any referrals from those accounts FOREVER.

So for example, if you only have 2 paying clients that you have referred after 3 months, and we decide to revoke your position, you will be paid on those 2 paying clients forever ... AND, if 6 months later, those 2 paying clients refer others and turn into 10 paying clients, you will get paid on those 10 paying clients FOREVER.

Again, the only reason we would revoke your position is if you don't produce and we feel that someone else could better promote your FREE Account Executive position.

What Are Your Options If Your FREE Account Executive Position is Revoked?

You can pay the $497 to keep you in the Account Executive position for LIFE as explained in point #2. Even if you only get 1 new client, from that point would be earning an additional $96 Annually (a 19.3% Return on your 1 time $497 fee).


You can give up your ability to market our service to new prospects, but still get paid on those clients you have brought on to this point and any referrals from those accounts. Please note that although we will continue to pay you forever on your accounts you will no longer have access to use our service for free.

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